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As a professional coach, you know that self-reflection is an essential aspect of the personal growth journey. Effective coaches are often avid journalers and integrate journaling into their work with clients. Choosing a journal is a deeply personal and exciting activity, as it often captures an important theme, goal, passion or aspect of one’s personality. 

Our Founder Lisa Gruenloh notes, "Over the years, I've selected my writing journals mindfully, often using a special journal for a specific purpose. My journals sometimes feel like a personal talisman, a reminder to myself of what's most important to me and purpose-driven guidance for the next steps on my journey. I want the journals I now publish for others to be an inspiring catalyst for growth and good."

Journals are thoughtful and meaningful gifts for clients, potential clients and other special partners and collaborators. We are so pleased to share our growing library of writing journals at a discount to certified coaches so you can offer unique and relevant gifts to support your client’s goals. The curated and commissioned artwork we feature on our journal covers allow for personalization – we truly have a journal for everyone.


To learn more about bulk discounts and collaboration opportunities, please contact Lisa at or 239.207.4572.

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