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Journal for change™

While journaling can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and change, we also want to inspire collective change. Our Journal  for Change™ initiative seeks to make a positive difference by bringing the gift of transformational journaling to more people, organizations and communities. We also are designing ways to harness the collective power of our community to utilize group journaling and mindfulness in purposeful ways.

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New Project (68)
New Project (68)

Coming in 2021!

Like the support and resources here? Get ready for a more personalized experience with the Purpose Journal Inner Circle Membership launching in 2021. Each month members will receive a special packet of inspiring materials and a customized gift based on our monthly theme. You’ll be able to take your personal growth and purpose journey to a new level, knowing you have the direct support of our community leaders on monthly learning and coaching calls. No more going it alone! Have professional life coaches who care about your well-being and success by your side.