So, what is journaling all about? Above all, journaling is a way to discover ourselves on the page. It is a powerful tool for self-reflection, self-awareness, and a good precursor to meaningful action. It serves as an opportunity for making the inner voices of your heart more audible. It is a way of paying attention, of being present to what is so within and around us. It allows us to keep a finger on the pulse of our daily lives.


There are many scientific studies and published articles about the benefits of journaling in various ways and for varied reasons throughout our lives. Regular journal writing can help improve our mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. The process of slowing down, being mindful and processing emotions promotes happiness and reduces stress and anxiety. It can improve our self-confidence, mental clarity, memory, and ability to focus.

Simple Exercises to Jumpstart Your Practice

We’re glad you’re here! Our first bit of advice: Think “wow” not “whoa!” The intention of our community is not to overwhelm, but rather to provide an inviting place to learn, grow and play. This is a source of information and inspiration, a place to engage with others and to become part of a community. If you are new to journaling, try these simple exercises to get started.

Take five mindful moments to simply write,

without lifting your pen.

Find a quiet spot and start with a few deep breaths. No “thinking,” no judgments, just allow what’s within you to reach the page. If you stop writing and start thinking - re-center with a breath and just write, even if it seems like nonsense! When you’re done, read what’s there. How did that feel? What rose to the surface when there were no prompts or agenda or distractions?

Simply start the day asking yourself,

“What would make today wonderful?”

Asking that question creates an expectation for good to unfold. It allows us to make conscious decisions about our priorities and actions before the busyness of the day captures our attention. As you’re getting ready for bed, pull out your journal again – reflect on meaningful moments or happy happenings. Feel the appreciation for what made the day wonderful.

Pick a favorite quote and allow that to be your

inspiration point for writing.

Start with the free flow, stream of consciousness approach. You can also reflect on these prompts: Why is this quote meaningful to me? What is being stirred in me? What new thing am I being called to be or do? You can come back to this journal entry later - reflect on it, add more. Is there meaningful action you can take, even if it’s as simple as shifting a perspective about something?


No matter your level of curiosity about journaling, no matter your level of writing “skill,” by meandering through our offerings you will find your own best ways for you to engage in reflective writing.

Check out the Tools & Techniques section for a deeper dive on journaling fundamentals, practices, and mindset primers. Our Journal Pairings & Inspirations section helps you pair your goal or focus with specific journals, prompts, meditations, and other activities around six themes:

Purpose & Vision, Happiness & Well-being, Peace & Harmony, Goals & Mindset, Creativity & Imagination, and Love & Connection.

We are still building out our resources, so please visit often and also let us know what you’d like to see by contacting us here.