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Purpose Journal by Purpose Journey® was created by certified professional coaches and lifelong journalers. Our mission is to offer powerful tools, resources and support with the intention of cultivating individual growth and collective good.

Our collection of journals features curated and commissioned original artwork designed to inspire personal expression,
self-awareness, growth, healing, creativity, and more. Downloadable journal prompts and practices in the Journaling Lounge allow journalers (both novice and seasoned) to mix and match the journal that calls to them with the tools and resources that support their goals.

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Welcome to Our Community!

Journaling is a powerful practice that helps us open our heart, gain clarity, harness creativity and tap into the innate wisdom within us. The ideas and insights that are revealed through reflective writing can be an extraordinary catalyst for positive change in ourselves, our relationships and, by extension, the world around us. Purpose Journal by Purpose Journey® provides a supportive community for individuals seeking growth, meaning and being a force for good. We’re glad you’re here!  

More people than ever seem to be embracing the notion of “being the change” they want to see in the world. Hooray! But change - while necessary and exhilarating - can also be difficult, uncomfortable and confusing. After all, we have formed all kinds of habits in our thoughts, emotions and behaviors that sometimes seem to be running the show. At times, we’re not even aware of the changes we need to make to be the person we know we can be or experience the life we desire. How to make those shifts can be even more elusive.

The Purpose Journal community is designed to provide the tools, resources and support (journaling and much more) for people to step into higher levels of self-worth, happiness and fulfillment, while cultivating empathy, compassion and purpose to serve others in meaningful ways. Individually, and collectively, we can be a catalyst for positive change and transformation in our Selves, our relationships, our workplaces…and into our communities and the world.

I welcome you to this community, an inclusive, safe and inspiring environment for collaborative growth, meaning and contribution. Let’s face it, transformational change is a serious goal, so let’s choose to have some fun in the process. I hope you enjoy and benefit from all that we’re sharing here, and I’m so looking forward to what we co-create together!

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Lisa Gruenloh Founder
Chief Vision Officer

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We have exciting news!

In order to have a more significant impact, Purpose Journey® Founder Lisa Gruenloh is transitioning our Journal for Change® initiative into a not-for-profit organization. Journal for Change® has received its 501(c)(3) approval and is working toward an official launch in Winter 2022-23.  Purpose Journey® will continue to support Journal for Change® along with many other individuals and organizations.

The purpose of Journal for Change® has always been to make a positive difference by bringing the transformational practice of journaling to more people, organizations, and communities through our outreach and philanthropy efforts. As a company, we’ve donated thousands of journals to youth programs, nonprofit and children’s hospitals, recovery programs, domestic violence shelters, leadership programs, and more. In addition, we share journals as an expression of gratitude and support to veterans, first responders, frontline healthcare professionals, and others who generously serve and sacrifice to make our communities and world a better place.  

Along with journal donations, we work directly with non-profit leaders and program directors to offer workshops on effective journaling practices that support growth, well-being, meaning, and success - all facilitated by certified coaches and subject matter experts.

Journal for Change®(JFC) is seeking individuals and organizations who share our passion for this mission and want to contribute to the exciting foundation. Specifically, JFC is talking with coaches and subject matter experts who would like to be considered for the content development and delivery team, as well as financial supporters who can support as Founding Patrons. Please contact Lisa at to learn more and explore collaboration opportunities. Thank you for your interest in making a difference! 

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