Iva Nasr

Iva Nasr [NUHsir] is a teacher, seer, mentor, and writer working internationally. In her anecdotal and light-hearted way, she guides a Modern Mind: Open Up • Align • Focus • Shine ™. Her private Intuitive Readings, classes, on-going dialogues, and life testimonials give hope and inspire mind expansion and action. She is the author of From Rifles to Roses: Memories and Miracles. www.IvaNasr.com

Iva has been an entrepreneur since 1994. She is an agent for change through local and global outreach, covering every continent on this precious planet. She began her professional life in corrective management and marketing and then turned her focus to the healing arts, phenomena, and broad-minded spirituality. She is a voice of hope and has delivered thousands of channeled (clairvoyant) messages, often beyond imagination in their precision and inspiration. The purpose: to help others open up and be peace, love, and light for themselves to then bring this joy to their extended communities. The best gift to ourselves and to humanity.

White top no head tilt

Over the years, she made a commitment to a neutrality in her mind which allows her to create and activate her own powers of perception, and to shape her own reality to what she is to life and her brethren. This focus has led to grueling growth and amazing experiences, each a roadmap to remarkable change. Her greatest satisfaction comes from sharing this potential with anyone and anything willing to join this ride, soaring beyond limitations to discover the impossible. One of her signature journaling classes is Wireless Communication: Dialogue with the Divine™. Participants learn to be in touch with their intuition and come into harmony with all aspects of themselves, allowing for direct dialogue with spirit guides and all things divine. This process not only informs and sharpens insight and foresight, it more importantly brings imagination to reality and boosts self-knowing and self-confidence.

“Our minds at their highest resonance create miracles”

Iva has lived along the shores of the Mediterranean, the mountains of Appalachia, traveled to the old cities of Europe and to the waters of Hawaii. She is back in the rolling hills of Midwest America as a base to be close to her family and to be part of imminent change in the region. She has an affinity for elephants, monkeys, dolphins, and fireflies, to name a few. She honors all life. Iva loves to laugh. She loves to dance. She loves simplicity within chaos and order.

Her wish now is to spread together a platform all over the world like fireworks, blazing the remarkable human heart with miracles, already proven possible. The time is now for sweeping change.