There’s never been a more important time to have a clear vision for your life and activate it! 2023 can be your year – full of joy, growth, meaning and impact!

Why Create a Life Vision?

New Year’s resolutions generally do not work.  What does work is creating a powerful life vision grounded in your deepest sense of purpose, passion and values – and supporting that vision with tangible goals and tools to stay motivated, overcome obstacles and make steady progress with joy, not judgment.

Work One-On-One with Purpose Journey® Founder Lisa Gruenloh to:

  • Get grounded in your deepest desires and values to stay focused on what matters most
  • Leverage your gifts and strengths for personal well-being, greater connectedness and broader impact
  • Maintain peace and perspective, no matter what’s going on around you
  • Create the roadmap for actualizing your unique definition of fulfillment and success
  • Make real progress toward goals and vision, faster and easier than you might think possible

Your value-packed experience includes:

Life Visioning Reflection and Roadmapping Experience. Upon registration you’ll receive a confirmation email with a link to download your Life Visioning Workbook, a 25-page guided reflection to:

Acknowledge, appreciate and leverage the year’s experiences and learnings, releasing what no longer serves you and building on 2022’s progress

  • Explore your present state of well-being and fulfillment and get clear on priorities in every area of your life
  • Challenge yourself to think big and bold through a series of exercises to identify and connect with your purpose, passions and aspirations for growth, meaning, fulfillment and contribution
  • Utilize your reflections and inner wisdom to craft your 2023 intentions, vision statement, theme and more
  • Learn key primers for success to put your vision into inspired action and positive outcomes

Completing the thought-provoking journal reflections and exercises prior to your coaching session will help you get the most from the experience. Most importantly, it will help you take your visioning to a rich, deep and exciting level.

Purpose Journey® Writing Journal. Choose the perfect journal for your 2023 journey from our growing collection at and we’ll ship it to you through Amazon Prime. The Life Visioning Workbook has writing space, but your journal will ensure you have an inspiring place to capture all of the overflowing insights that will be revealed through the process and will be an important part of activating your vision throughout the year.

(Browse our journals in advance at

Personal Coaching Session. Enjoy a one-hour virtual coaching session with Purpose Journey® Founder Lisa Gruenloh to help you get focused…and get going!  You set the agenda based on your priorities and where you feel you need the most support. We’ll send you a coaching session preparation form to pinpoint your focus for optimal results. You will leave the session with powerful, actionable commitments designed to yield results.

Your Personalized “2023 Theme” Graphics. This is an exciting addition to our Life Visioning experience – personalized social media graphics to visually express your 2023 theme! Once you’ve landed on your theme for the year, our designers will get to work on preparing up to two graphics that you can share with your friends and connections on your favorite social media platforms. Having this visual reminder of your theme and intentions (customized with your unique words, images and style) will also help you stay focused and inspired on what matters most to you. Want to see a sample? Check out Lisa’s annual theme image here!  

About Lisa

Lisa is a mission-driven entrepreneur, consultant, coach and changemaker with a passion for helping individuals, teams and organizations achieve sustainable well-being, fulfillment and success – success built on the foundation of their unique strengths, values and purpose. Her primary interest for the last 15 years has been teaching and coaching around the power of emotional intelligence as a catalyst for personal, relationship, organizational and societal transformation, which she believes is the foundation for meaningful, authentic and sustainable change and impact.

Lisa is the founder and president of Purpose Journey® Consulting, Training and Coaching and launched a longtime vision - Purpose Journal by Purpose Journey® - in 2020. Her Journal for Change™ initiative is now an emerging not-for-profit with the mission of “Encouraging people to deepen their connection with themselves, others and the communities and world around them and to take meaningful, inspired action that fosters individual and collective flourishing.”

For more about Lisa and her latest ventures visit