The transformative power of a story.

Music and films have a unique ability to inspire and motivate us. Songs can both mirror our emotions and help shift them. They can become thematic during certain times in our life, serving as a supportive anthem as we endeavor to heal, forgive, love, strive for our dreams – all of those life experiences that remind us of our aliveness. Movies, too, can be just what we need to reach out to a loved one, take a risk to move toward what we want, or deepen our understanding of others’ experiences. They can break us open when we need it. They can help us feel more connected. They remind us of our humanity.

Help us build a community Playlist and Watchlist!

We want your help developing lists of the songs and movies that have inspired you, helped you through challenging times, motivated you to take bold action or expanded your worldview in a meaningful way.

Through our Connect page, send your ideas for inspiring and motivating songs and movies for our six Life Themes: Purpose & Vision, Happiness & Well-being, Peace & Harmony, Goals & Mindset, Creativity & Imagination and Love & Connection.

We look forward to building this fun and meaningful community resource with your assistance!