While journaling can be a powerful catalyst for personal growth and change, we also want to inspire collective change through our Journal for Change™ initiative.

Journal for Change™ Outreach & Giving. As a company, Purpose Journey® seeks to make a positive difference by bringing the gift of transformational journaling to more people, organizations and communities through our outreach and philanthropy efforts.

Journal for Change™ Journal Series. Our customers can contribute to these efforts by purchasing a product from our Journal for Change™ series. For each purchase we donate $1 to an organization or effort related to the theme of the journal.

Journal for Change™ Community Practice. We also are designing ways to harness the collective power of our community to utilize group journaling and mindfulness in purposeful ways. Look for resources and special events to contribute your voice - both on paper and out in the world.

Journal Page Sharing The Transformational Gift of Journaling

Featured Project:

Appreciating our Healthcare Heroes

Throughout the country and the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us how critical healthcare professionals are in our communities and in our lives. Clinical professionals across all fields have made tremendous sacrifices during a time of uncertainty, staff shortages and long, demanding shifts.  

We were honored to present journal gifts to 385 team members at NCH Healthcare System who have been serving on the COVID units at both the Baker Downtown campus and NCH North in Naples, Florida. Thank you to the healthcare heroes in Southwest Florida and beyond for your service and dedication each and every day! 

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Know of an organization or group that would benefit from the gift of journaling? Share their story with us by connecting here.

Appreciating our Healthcare Heroes Oct 2021

Several of our journals are part of our Journal for Change™ series - journals that make difference! For each journal sold in this special series, we donate $1 to a meaningful cause. This is just one of the many ways Purpose Journal by Purpose Journey® and our collective community – YOU – create positive change.

       The Replenished by Nature Journal         benefits environmental and conservation causes locally and globally.

The Love You Journal benefits

organizations that foster the well-being and success of girls and young women.

We invest 100% of profits from the Journal for Change™ journal into our journal donation program.


Our community will offer some exciting group journaling experiences and other activities to foster understanding and positive change around some of the complex challenges of our time. As we create more peace and meaning in our own lives, many will feel drawn to contribute even more to positive transformation outwardly – in our circles, communities and the world. We look forward to building a very intentional community with you that helps individuals activate their values, gifts and sense of purpose and meaning in ever more fulfilling ways.

In the meantime, here is a Journal For Change™ practice you can engage in on your own or with people in your inner circle:

Choose an issue that feels particularly concerning to you and briefly notice what it is about the situation or condition that requires transformation.
Close your eyes and imagine that situation being transformed into a more ideal state. 
When you’re ready, write down your new vision of that situation. Try to capture what you saw and felt in your visualization.
Next, use the list-making technique to jot down five potential things you could do to support or cultivate that change
During the next week, take action on at least one of your ideas.
Go back to your journal on a regular basis, make additional commitments for inspired action, and continue logging entries about your efforts.

You can use this practice to stay focused on ongoing positive action toward that same area of interest and/or apply it to other issues that touch your heart. This is a particularly productive practice to respond to feelings such as anxiety, anger or hopelessness that can so often be triggered by the news or experiences that hit closer to home.